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Support Area

We are committed to helping you make sure that your website and demos are fully functional. This is why you’ll get a response within a few hours every single day. We are a 24/7 shop so please submit your support request via the form to the left and we’ll get right on it.

You can also find some Quick Answers below:

How do my customers get support?

When we setup your site, we add a customer support area. That is a simple support request form that gets sent to you and if you want us to support your customers then we can have that email sent to us as well and we will address the issue on your behalf. This is how we support your customers. Need help? Let us know.

How do I access the admin area?

Yes, in the admin area you will find the Admin Guide that explains each feature and how to use it. Need help? Let us know.

Is there an admin guide?

By default when your site is installed the username for admin is manager and you simply login at the user side and you will see “Admin Control Panel” in the top right area. The manager account is a admin type account. Any user can be an admin. A simple user type change can make any user an admin. Need help? Let us know.

How do I get new versions?

We push about 4 new versions a year. Each version has it's own upgrade process which we will do for you if you request it. It's always a good idea to use the latest release because we apply fixes, new features and new skins. 

Once you request an upgrade via our support form to the left, we will update your demos with the latest release.